Hi List,

Planning to integrate a series of ZDM 7 workstation with ZPM and ZAM only, I create my own customized deployment package that includes a registration key that puts that workstation into a specific folder with only ZAM and ZPM enabled, and then use that package on those ZDM devices.

Installation went perfect, I have the ZCM agent in my system tray and ZDM is still running ... but !...

If I right-click-properties on the ZCM agent it keeps "searching" with a white page ... and if I close that window I get "Teh ZENworks Service does not appear to be running. Please restart the service and try your request again. System.Threading.ThredExceptionEventArgs."

I also noticed a lot of error with CASA in the event viewer :
Detection of product '{25407A41-376A-460A-BCB5-70A25A7AB01A}', feature 'DefaultFeature', component '{5B580C82-5CCA-0194-BCCD-F89A4CD18D70}' failed. The resource '' does not exist.
Product: Novell CASA Authentication Token Client -- Error 1706. An installation package for the product Novell CASA Authentication Token Client cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package 'authtokenclient.msi'.
I thought my package was corrupted, and rebuild a new package from scratch => same behavior ...