I have been creating MS Patch Bundles for Windows 7 in Monthly groups. So All of January's patches for Windows 7 only are labeled "Windows 7 Update - Jan 2013". For the most part this works well. Yet I am noticing that if I just click on the bundle to deploy it I might get a bundle failed error. I tend to do a lot of my work in the CLI and noticed that when I open the "Show Progress" window and ran the bundle deployment zac bln "Windows 7 Update - Jan 2013" and watched the progress bar it failed right after the deployment downloaded. Yet the CLI continued to show each patch inside the bundle was deploying.

Am I looking at this correctly in that the reason for the Bundle fail was that one of the Patch's couldn't or shouldn't be deployed so the bundle failed due to that issue yet the remaining patches continued to deploy out?

The other question I have is whether the method I am employing is a sound method? I developed this after posting in the forums a question on how to best deploy patches and someone replied with this method. This seems sound to me but obviously the pitfall is a bundle failure reported due to a patch failure.