I understand that in gw 2012 that webacc agent is gone and that there is a webacc appliation that is a new install and not an upgrade to. I have been reading the documentations, went to BrainShare, and read many posts on this thread and also on Webacc thread. I still have a few questions.

CAn I upgrade the poa, mta, and gwia to 2012 and keep using webacc of version 8 for a short period of time?

Or do I have to complete the upgrade and must not restart the mta, poa, gwia until I have 2012 webacc installed and ready to function?

What is the best avenue? Should I do a new install of the webacc for 2012 first?

Is an hour of downtime sufficent to do this?

I appreciate all who will help this poor soul wad through this upgrade. It just seems a bit tricky on a production system or should I do it in the wee hours of the morning????

Thank you,