we've got a ot problems with lost passwords that are expired and the user doesn't notice because the time the password expires is behind their login time. So i decided to write a tool, that checks the LDAP-Attribute when password is expired and if the password is expireing in +1 day the user has to set a new password.
The function to check the LDAP-Attribute is working fine, now what i've to know how can i call the password-change Dialog of the novell Client? I searched a lot but cannot find anything. For windows-login theres a rundll32.exe command which executes the password-change but how can this be done with the novell-client? i'd really love to use this dialog, because users know it and all servers are updated at the same time. And the most important thing is, i don't want to build this procedure by my one ;)

I'm not that super-pro in programming, so if a sample-call is availible it would be very nice