We are currently running ZCM11.2.2MU1, with clients running agents ZCM10.3.3 to 11.2.2MU1. We have 1000+ laptops, that come and go (student devices they take home with them) and hundreds of desktops. I have had very little success trying to 'deploy' ZCM Agent updates in the past, with too many of them rendering ZCM Agent unusable, requiring a visit to the device to manually remove and reinstall the agent.

Will there ever be a 'one click' upgrade/uninstall/reinstall to the "current" agent? It seems odd to me that often I am unable to even uninstall ZCM Agent from a device (we've had some major ZCM issues in the past, rendering the uninstall dead, because the ZCM Agent wasn't running, hence the reason for the uninstall in the first place.), and there is no solution except to manually clean up files, registry entries, etc. The 'Agent Clean Up' tool hasn't been very successful in our environment.

Can anyone add any thoughts to this? I'd even be happy with a scriptable 'uninstall' tool that is reliable, so I could deploy a 'remove and reinstall' with minimum fuss. As it stands now, machines tend to keep their Agent they were deployed with, which introduces its own issues (bugs fixed in newer agent version are not fixed except by manual intervention.)