Good day,

I have several Windows 7 systems, and an XPSP3 system exhibiting some strange issues. When I register a system, that was formerly a part of another ZONE (NxxxxxB), even though the system has been registered successfully in the new ZONE (LAB_ZONE), in the log in screen it is still displaying the old Realm information, I have tried to set an override in the registry for the DefaultRealmName yet when I attempt to log into the ZCM log in I'm still seeing the old Realm name, further when I get logged into the system, it shows me as not logged into the LAB_ZONE

I will provide additional troubleshooting steps, just wondering if anyone can assist with clearing out the Old Realm Name and getting my new zone name, along with being able to log into the new Zone, my agent on the workstation is 11.2.2 MU2