I am configuring networks envionement and Location for users that are not connected to the corporate network.
The zenworks login is very slow when these users are not at the office.

Network environment and Locaction are configurerd to Exclude the Closest Server Default Rule and there is no server at all configured. So it is considered as "disconnected".

I tested switching from one location to another when I was logged into the notebook. This is working.

But, when the user log off from the corporate network and turn on the notebook at home the agent still "things" it is at work and the login experience is very slow (up to five minutes in worst case). After a moment the user get the desktop and the Agent know it is not at work. When hereboot it is ok as the last location is the same (out of office).

When the user comes back at the office and log on then the Location is either "Out of Office" or unknown. It is not a problem if it is unknown as this location contains a list of primary servers.

Did I miss somethings?