According to this page, February 2013 time frame is when ZCM 11.2.3 should be released, which would add support for Windows 8. As of this moment, according to Novell's downloads page, the newest version of ZCM 11 is ZCM 11 SP2 with a date of Feb 2013 (if I am reading this correctly, it is 11.2.2 with a Feb PRU). Looking in the documentation at Novell Documentationl , Windows 8 is still not listed as a supported OS for clients.

I know, I know, Windows 8 just came out in October (though RTM has been available prior to that, and it has been available in various beta versions for years), I hate the Metro/Modern UI, etc, etc, etc. I have seen the comments from others and I don't disagree. However, regardless of people's opinions and biases, organizations are still moving in that direction. My intention is to deploy hundreds of newly purchased machines at the end of spring/early summer with Windows 8 installed onto them. I am going through our list of mission critical applications which do not currently work with Windows 8 and ZCM 11 support is a glaring issue for us.

We need time to test a new release/update of ZCM before we can be comfortable with deciding whether we are going to have to postpone Windows 8 installations until Summer 2014.

Is anyone able to provide any updates about when we can expect something to be released - is it still on-track for a Feb 2013 release, will it be delayed, etc? I know we still have a week left in "February 2013" but every day that passes I get a little more anxious.