I have tried to read through the previous post regarding the Cache Issue causing either bundle failures or in my case end user systems becoming unmanageable. I am unsure if I am seeing any solution posted or a promise of a future (11.2.3) patch that will fix this issue and then be ported to the older versions of ZAA.
I have seen the following issues that can be resolved by clearing cache from the end users device and running a refresh (rd "C:\Program Files\Novell\zenworks\cache\zmd" /q /s) (zac ref).

1. Repeated reboots. Client is logged in and within 5 minutes a reboot prompt is requested or forced.
2. Any and all bundles including Patches fail to deploy. A variety of errors can be reported but most deal with corrupt bundle data. (System seems to post into ZCC and I can remote control device)
3. System abruptly stops communication with ZCC. No policy, bundle, or remote control.

My question(s) are:

1. Is there a resolution to this problem that I am completely missing? (11.2.2 MU1)
2. If a resolution/fix to this problem has not been fully provided, how are others dealing with devices randomly becoming un-managed?
3. If clearing cache manually (ie via removing the zmd directory) is there a way to clear bundle cache and not policies? Is there a better way to handle this? I am sorry once zac cc was taken away due to EndPoint security I have had an hard time dealing with the cache issues.