I would like to push out the latest java updates to out workstations via ZCM patch management, however I am confused be the difference between the update packages available. The machines are windows 7 with ZCM v11.2.0 and already have a (slightly older) JRE installed on them. The ZPM java package labeled as impact type "critical" states the following in the notes:

"All web browsers are required to be shut down in order for Java JRE to be updated successfully"

The ZPM package labeled as impact type "software installer" has nearly identical installation notes, save for no web browser must be not running disclaimer like above.

Since 95% of our user base in the school district is most likely going to be using a web browser at any given time, I would give the success probability of the "critical" option as very low. Is it OK to use the "software installer" impact package? Is it truly not dependent on browsers being closed, or was that an oversight in the notes? What method do any of you use for reliable java updates?