I'm having a hard time getting hands on reliable documentation about the zmgbootcd utility

As mentioned in the following documentation :

We have to download the zmgbootcd imaging utility is a part of the following MSI/RPM files:

So i downloaded it and installed...

It seems to have the same install behavior as zmgexplorer ( no gui or confirmation on where it has been installed )
For zmgexplorer i managed to use it after looking around in the Novell or Zenworks Folders.

The imgbootcd utiliy installs itself at the same location than zmgexplorer... but i am unable to start it. always get this error message :

Please provide the proper inputs..

So i guessed that it wanted the iso file passed as parameter... still no luck but different error message.

C:\Novell\ZENworks\bin\preboot>bootcd-editor.bat bootcd.iso
Please provide full/proper path to ko driver..

Maybe i am missing something here, anyone can help ?

My goal is to edit the bootcd to make a DVD bootable image for workstations that are not in the PXE range of our Zenworks Server.

Thank you in advance !