zcm 11.2.2
on SLES11SP2
eDir 8.7

On Win7 x86 and x64 workstations

OK. Now that I have all the correct info I'll try this again.

With the agent installed and the DLU policy in place everything looks fine. It creates the local user from the eDir info and logs on fine.

What we are seeing is that if the workstation is locked the user that is still logged in and locked it cannot unlock it. There is no switch user button available. They receive "This computer is locked. Only the logged on user can unlock...". This is regardless of arch type or user. This is a test environment so all the users are being placed into the admin group on the workstations.

When the agent is uninstalled then the workstation behaves as it should allowing the logged in user to unlock the workstation.

I have tried searching the forums here and googling it but have not found anything as of yet.

If someone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.