WebAccess 2012 SP1 on WIN2K8R2-SP1w/Lots of juice; Have WebAccess configured to talk to several PO's via the webacc.cfg file, but it will only allow login
to mail accounts that are on the PO listed as "Provider.SOAP.1.ip=x.x.x.x". Accounts on other PO's are not accessible, even though those PO's are
specifically listed as "Provider.SOAP.2.ip=x.x.x.x", etc. -

The webaccess server does communicate with the PO's via NAT, but I have the internal/external addresses listed in the PO Agent
for redirection.

The whole things is just really slow too - 8-10 seconds after putting in user credentials for the login to complete....

Suggestions ?

Thanks -

Scott Hale