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Thread: Login for a Few Users Not Working?

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    Login for a Few Users Not Working?


    We have a situation with a small number of users that are not able to log in using our Kanaka setup. Most people are able to get in fine. I am working on one user now, that if I try to log in with a wrong password I get the "wrong password" head shake. However, if I try with the correct password, the progress wheel just spins. This is on a MacBook running 10.7.5 and Kanaka Plugin 2.7.

    Additionally, if I rename the user, I can log in without problems. But when I rename the user back to the proper ID, I get the same results of no log in. And the renaming has to change the start of the ID, if I append something to the username the log in still fails. So, if I change the 107795 to s107795 log in works, but if I rename it to 107795s it doesn't. Because this is a student, we have to stay with using the student ID as the user name. Otherwise I would just change the log in credentials, which is what we have done for staff members with this problem.

    The only entries in the Kanaka client log is:
    01 2013-03-12 11:31:22 -18000 5 0006 31406 4e81c940 <RECORD><KanakaVersion>0</KanakaVersion><IPAddress></IPAddress><MACADDR>705681bd38c5</MACADDR><OSVERSION>OS X 10.7.5</OSVERSION><CLIENTVERSION>2.7.0</CLIENTVERSION><OPERATION>2</OPERATION><COMPONENT>3</COMPONENT><USERNAME>107795</USERNAME><PASSWORD/><NPASSWORD/><OPASSWORD/><WKSNAME>MBAirS-C02HW0B8F2FV</WKSNAME><PATH>CN=DATA-STUDENT-01_VOL1.OU=SERVERS.O=CCSD93; \\DATA-STUDENT-01\VOL1\home\107795</PATH><FDN/><Time>1363105882</Time><Result>0</Result><Comment>Request info for '107795'.</Comment></RECORD>
    01 2013-03-12 11:31:25 -18000 5 0006 31406 4e81c940 <RECORD><KanakaVersion>0</KanakaVersion><IPAddress></IPAddress><MACADDR>705681bd38c5</MACADDR><OSVERSION>OS X 10.7.5</OSVERSION><CLIENTVERSION>2.7.0</CLIENTVERSION><OPERATION>1</OPERATION><COMPONENT>3</COMPONENT><USERNAME>107795</USERNAME><PASSWORD/><NPASSWORD/><OPASSWORD/><WKSNAME>MBAirS-C02HW0B8F2FV</WKSNAME><PATH>CN=DATA-STUDENT-01_VOL1.OU=SERVERS.O=CCSD93; \\DATA-STUDENT-01\VOL1\home\107795</PATH><FDN/><Time>1363105882</Time><Result>0</Result><Comment>Authenticate '107795'; Path 'CN=DATA-STUDENT-01_VOL1.OU=SERVERS.O=CCSD93; \\DATA-STUDENT-01\VOL1\home\107795'</Comment></RECORD>
    01 2013-03-12 11:31:27 -18000 5 0006 31406 51822940 <RECORD><KanakaVersion>0</KanakaVersion><IPAddress></IPAddress><MACADDR>705681bd38c5</MACADDR><OSVERSION>OS X 10.7.5</OSVERSION><CLIENTVERSION>2.7.0</CLIENTVERSION><OPERATION>1</OPERATION><COMPONENT>3</COMPONENT><USERNAME>107795</USERNAME><PASSWORD/><NPASSWORD/><OPASSWORD/><WKSNAME>MBAirS-C02HW0B8F2FV</WKSNAME><PATH>CN=DATA-STUDENT-01_VOL1.OU=SERVERS.O=CCSD93; \\DATA-STUDENT-01\VOL1\home\107795</PATH><FDN/><Time>1363105886</Time><Result>0</Result><Comment>Authenticate '107795'; Path 'CN=DATA-STUDENT-01_VOL1.OU=SERVERS.O=CCSD93; \\DATA-STUDENT-01\VOL1\home\107795'</Comment></RECORD>
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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