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Thread: Unable to Cancel/Download/Deploy March 2013 PRU

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    Unhappy Unable to Cancel/Download/Deploy March 2013 PRU

    Howdy! I'm new to the community and to ZENworks. Please be gentle.

    I inherited a ZCM 11.1a server. It is working fine, but we just acquired new Desktops (HP Elite 8300) and I can't image them through the PXE. Reading some, I figured out that I need to update the drivers. That is when I found out that the server was last updated in December 2011. YIKES! I checked for updates, and I saw the "March 2013 PRU" available. Reading the notes, I found the network card in the list of recognized drivers, so the decision was made to download and install the update.

    The file was "stuck" downloading for 4 hours! I decided to cancel the download... 16 hours later, is still "cancelling".
    • I don't have the "Deploy PRU Now", as its status is "Cancelling".
    • I can't delete the file because is "Unable to delete Mar 2013 PRU. This update is in the process of being canceled. Please wait until the update cancels and then delete the update."
    • I can't download the file again. "Mar 2013 PRU - This update has already been downloaded and is ready to be deployed."

    The screen looks something similar to (found this pic on another thread)

    Obviously something went wrong. How can I download and install the file? Help... please?
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