We migrated our GroupWise 7.0.4 / Novell 6.5 sp8 to GroupWise 2012 SP1 / Windows 2008R2 with NDS. GroupWise is running on a single server. We still have a Netware 65 sp8 for file service and NDS for All is working well. Currently we have 180 users with about twenty of them using WEBAccess part time. The problem is, one user cannot login WEBAccess. When he logs in, he is returned to the login screen. Everyone else is fine. He can log in through the client even if he uses the /@u-? switch so he has to enter his username and password. Bottom line the account and password are correct. The problem is only when HE logs into WEBAccess. I have clear the password several times, relinked the Novell and GroupWise accounts, fixed and analyzed the mail box, structurally built the mail box and ran DSRepair on all eDir partitions. I have not rebuilt the databases because I cant shut down GroupWise at this time.
Have I missed something??
Thanks for your help,

John Kenney