Hi there,

we are using ZCM 11.2.3 in an VDI environment from Virtual Bridges / VERDE VDI. Tge approach is the following:
We create a gold image with WIN 7 Enterprise x64 and the installed ZENworks Agent 11.2.3. The Agent isn`t registrated to the ZCM-Server, when the gold image is closed.
Then, when I create the VDI environment, there are multiple virtual desktops generated out of the gold image. Every VDI instance is unique an has its own hostnbame etc. A startup script run "zac reg https://zcm-server.internal" which works fine.
The issue now is, that only one virtual dekstop is registered to the ZCM-Server. When I create 5 different VDI desktops out of the gold image, I get only one registered to the ZCM-Server. The wierd thing is, that the hostname of the registered ZCM-Workstation in ZCC is randomly changing between the 5 VDI desktops...
How can I manage it, that all the 5 desktops are registered separately to the ZCM-Server?

Initial searches brought the result, that all of the VDI desktops have two virtual NICs. One is the same for all of the 5 desktops, both the MAC and the IP.
The other NIC is different for all VDIs, both the MAC and the IP.

Could it be possible, the the ZCM-Server get`s confused because of the first same NIC?

How can I fix that?

Many thanks for your help!