I would like to know if it is just a coincidence but we can't update our Zenworks Agent since a few days. We are also unable to verify if any updates are available online.

We get this message when going to System Update Panel ( in french ):
"Vous ne pouvez pas recevoir de nouvelles mises à jour, car le droit de mise à jour système a expiré ou n'a pas permis l'accès à NCC. Si l'erreur persiste, configurez ultérieurement le droit avec un code d'activation valide."

Which basically means that the right to update has expired...
When i go to the licensing panel everything is fine and registered.

Also took a look at our online registration html file.
Everything seems to be in order.

Does the 11.2.3 has anything to do with this ?

We currently use 11.2.1 and we have a few 10.3.4 workstations to update but we can't...

Any clues ?

Thank you !