I have been trying to determine a patch process that might work best for my environment. In doing so I notice a lot of my patch deployments will fail within a few minutes of pushing a set of patches out. The results are different when I run the patch using zac bln "Patch Name" then when I just let it run normally. In reading some of Shaun's responses to questions on this forum I have been reviewing the debug.txt files on the workstations I have been experimenting with. Although I haven't found a "Best Practice" document or advice on how to determine what patches to deploy and when, I have noticed the more patches I assign to a bundle the higher the chance is that bundle will fail.

My question is how best to take the information I am getting from debug and resolve the issue it is reporting. An example is:

22 March 2013 08:06:33 AM : Patch deployment script error
Description=An error was returned from the executable while installing the patch.
Error returned: 1058

Since the Microsoft patches are repackaged what is the best way to determine what exactly the error is and what I need to do about it? Also how do I determine what patch out of the list it was complaining about? The file really doesn't indicate that information.

Thanks for the assistance.