I have had several requests from my boss regarding looking into Chromebooks as possible replacements of our schools One-to-One laptop deployment. Among other areas of concern in deploying a device like this is the ability to remotely manage this type of product. Application deployment, remote control functions, inventory, etc...

Where does this type of device fit in current or future MDM or Device management platforms? I feel like this falls into the Netbook environment which really has never been paid attention to. I have had a few netbooks running Windows OS's and the hardware could hardly handle the OS not to mention placing a ZCM agent on it. Is the Chromebook going that route and the SysAdmins will be stuck trying to figure out how to deal with the end user wanting the same services as before and we are stuck not being "Allowed" to provide them? (Thanks Apple!)

Would like to hear thoughts and solutions if you have or are managing this type of device.