FYI - DBcopy does NOT work as expected !

Having made a Backup using DBCOPY

dbcopy -d /source /destination
dbcopy -p /source /destination

I stopped GW and deleted the LIVE Domain & PO
Copied back - this time with simple CP command (with agents down)

Domain and PO start up file
GWIA did not

contacted NTS - jumped through the hoops (assumed they knew what they were doing)
created defer and other folders
checked database path in consoleone

(psst! - nothing had changed ! - but I did as requested)

Obviously - DBcopy misses out key files

anyway, to cut a long story short ....

It is necessary to down the Agents and Copy the DOMAIN folder 1st time around

After that DBcopy as above does allow you to backup and restore in case of problems

Of course its entirely possible this is in the docs somewhere and I have missed it