we migrated our rather old zenworks 7 to ZCM 11 now and I'm really happy that everythin is now browser enabled.
In the past we searched for a simple way of remote controlling a PC without starting slow ConsoleOne and finally found a solution with a small hta file to establish the session.
For our First Level Supporter it would be fine if we can get again a very easy and small form to remote control a PC by just entering the name or ipaddress of the PC.
An integration in our internal intranet and firefox would be the perfect goal and I tried to get through the source code of the ZCM page but it's a bit too complicated for me to extract the neccessary code.

I know that using VNC can be a solution too, but we use 'rights' access and not passwords and don't want the user to send us the random generated password first.

Does anyone already has a solution?

Any help is greatly appreciated.