Howdy! I'm new to the community and to ZENworks. Please be gentle.

I inherited a ZCM 11.1a server. It is working fine, but has not been updated since December 2011. I tried to install the update "Mar 2013 PRU" but it never finished. The file was "stuck" downloading for 4 hours! I decided to cancel the download... a week later, is still "cancelling".
  • I don't have the "Deploy PRU Now", as its status is "Cancelling".
  • I can't delete the file because is "Unable to delete Mar 2013 PRU. This update is in the process of being canceled. Please wait until the update cancels and then delete the update."
  • I can't download the file again. "Mar 2013 PRU - This update has already been downloaded and is ready to be deployed."

The screen looks something similar to (found this pic on another thread)

Obviously something went wrong. I posted in the wrong section of the forum (LINK) and got directed to attempt a zman sudu - Novell Documentation

system-update-delete-update (sudu) (system update or PRU name) [options]

Deletes a specified system update or PRU from the zone.

(system update or PRU name) - System update or PRU name or UID.

Accepts the following option:

-f, --force - Forces the update to be deleted. Use with caution, and only if you are sure that the update is not in an active state.
My questions:

1) How do I find out what is the name of the update file? Here is the link to the location... NOVELL: Downloads - ZCM/ZAM 11.2 March 13 PRU
2) What would be the correct syntax for the command? Maybe

zman sudu 11.2.Mar2013 -f
Thanks for your help.