Sorry if this subject has been addressed already, just trying to make sure that I'm helping out my customer. Please see the issue below, and let me know if anyone might have some suggested courses of action.

The initial message is below in Blue

"Customer is having problems getting Office 2007 patches to reach 95% deployment.The various platform security patches usually don't have much trouble installing. Many workstations don't have older Office patches installed. Many hundreds of them show up in the patch list as needing Office patches as far back as 2009. For example,
The 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2) (KB953195) patch from June, 2009 is missing. Could this be the problem? The customer has thought about going back to remediate these old patches in order to get the newer ones to install properly? We recently (December 2012) deployed Office 2007 SP3, but never really got to 100% deployment of it. Do patches build on each other to the point that newer ones won't install if the older ones haven't been installed?

The second message from the Customer is in Red

"Customer, downloaded Office 2007 SP2 from June 2009 which was the oldest outstanding Office patch that showed on the workstations as "unpatched". Deployed remediation for this patch to the test workstations after making sure it was content-replicated to all servers. The result was that the patch downloaded to my workstation, began to complete 281 actions, failed about halfway through, and now shows up in the bundle list on the workstation as "available" but not effective."

Since this failed the customer felt that this would be a waste of effort, is that truly the case? Any other thoughts or comments would be appreciated.