We downloaded and installed version 2.7 Zenworks Mobile Management. All certificates verify ok. We are using a GoDaddy cert. We also have a Bretford cart, 30 ipads for testing, we have completed the setup of a VPP account, we have a Mac Mini server with Configurator installed and working, we have setup 5 ipads so far for testing. We have "cloned" them with the Zenworks app pre-installed, we have cloned them without the Zenworks app and installed it manually. They show up in the Mobile Management console under users after they enroll with some information like %battery, OS Version, Memory Capacity but the configuration File will not load, when you try to install it from the Zenworks App, it pulls up safari and pops up the install profile, it says it is Verified, you click install and it pulls up a warning screen about what it will allow the administrator to do and when you select install it just says Profile Installation Failed, Profile Failed to install and you can click OK and it goes back to the Install Profile box again. Any help would be great.