My customer is currently moving away from GroupWise to the Google Cloud email solution, that said they have a question regarding how the GWIA can be used to forward mail messages to team members from sources such as routers, switches, etc,.


Status messages, and alerts are currently handled through the GWIA which is used to forward those messages onto their respective parties. With the introduction of the Google Cloud email service, there is no such method for forwarding those alerts off to these respective parties. They would like to have the GWIA be used to facilitate this process. Basically they would like to maintain a GroupWise GWIA(s) to forward emails to team members. Is this even a workable solution, a GWIA forwarding out to the Google Cloud?

Additional questions from Customer:

1.) Currently they do not know exactly how the GWIA would handle internal addresses ( messages?
2.) There are currently 20 or more white lists (smtp relay(s) to GWIA), if these white lists send email to the internal address or domain how would the GWIA handle this?
3.)Google Applications mx records change every ten minutes, what is the best way to configure the route.cfg (or is that the best way to handle this request)?
4.) Can a DNS name be used in the route.cfg or just IP address? (I currently am under the impression that route.cfg can only handle IP addresses)

Thank you,