This is brand new SLES 11 OES 11sp1 server with GW2012 installed. As a practice configuration, even though I have 2 network card ports on the new server, I just used one ip address. In years past, under netware 6.5 and GW 6.5, I used both a public and a private with BM 3.x. This new server is for very limited use among a few trusted users. Absent internal security concerns that were previuosly addressed in BM, is there really any external security reasons to justify configuring with both public and private ip's. Since I now have everything up and running with just the one ip address it seems to be a waste to go back through and re-configure/re-install unless there is a glaring problem. The server is behind a router and all work stations are statically assigned ip's.

thanks for the input