Hi ;
I have three servers:
ServerP Postoffice, MTA and Primary domain.
ServerE Secondary domain, MTA and GWIA (External)
ServerI Secondary domain, MTA and GWIA (Internal)

I would like the MTA on ServerP to use ServerI GWIA as a primary if that is not available use the ServerE GWIA to send Internet E-mail.

I have tried to set this up in Consoleone Click on primary domain, system operations, Internet addressing internet agent.
I can't set up a primary and secondary GWIA under the primary domain, Internet addressing, the fields are greyed out and uncheckable. The primary says ServerE which it doesn't use and the Alternate says NONE.
The MTA on ServerP say Preferred GWIA is on ServerI.
I can not find switches in the MTA start up file to control this.
I can receive E-mail from both ServerE and ServerI, I can send mail from ServerI, I can not get it to go through ServerE even if I do a rcgrpwise stop on ServerI.
The ServerE is behind a firewall, do I need to open ports to ServerI?