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Thread: User Credentials "sticky" in Office Add-In - security risk !

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    User Credentials "sticky" in Office Add-In - security risk !

    Adding the account in Office's Vibe tab is fine, however doing this on a PC will leave the Vibe system open for access for any other users logging into that same PC when they access the Vibe tab.

    Considering that information in Vibe is accessible according to membership of groups, some can read, some can read/write and others can only see certain sections - the above mentioned "feature" is circumventing all the security measures designed into the directory and the Vibe backend setup.

    So #1 how do we avoid this ? by asking for a password every time a Windows login session is started - or everytime Word is opened ?
    or better #2 link the Vibe authentication to re-using the credentials "on hand" from the Windows or eDirectory login (sort of the way GroupWise allows for an automatic LDAP login check).

    Any practical ideas are welcome
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