ZCM 11.2.1 MU2

I am attempting to stop ZESM from being installed on my workstations.
When I initially built the zone, I unchecked the section to eval ZESM. This because i have no license for it in the first place.

Unfortunately i'm finding zesm is still being installed on my workstations. I want the agent to not install ZESM the next, and following times i push it from my zcc.

Using the novell doc. I went through my zcc and in the area where it says to uncheck for the installation of ZESM... this check box simply isn't there.
The only check boxes I have are:
User Man..
Image Man..
Remote Man..
Policy Man..
Bundle Man..

All of those, I want. It's ZESM i need to be gone from my default installation package.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.