I have been deploying the ZMM Enterprise app to my end users devices over the last few weeks. What I have noticed is that the app states it will sync to the server automatically and without the app being launched. Yet in my environment it is not working that way. On Android the app seems to sync if the app is running but not in use. Once closed it stops running. On iOS if the end user doesn't have the app opened it will not sync. I lose all the location data as well as several other items that can be tracked. ie logs and such.

As anyone else seen this issue? Did I miss something in my setup and this should work correctly but I have a configuration error? I downloaded the app using https://zmmupdate.novell.com/apps

Also if someone from Novell is reading this... Why wouldn't you have this enterprise app placed on the ZMM server to be downloaded instead of going through Novell for the app? I have a separate post asking how to update the Enterprise app once it is in place with no response. I have read the docs and haven't found answers as of yet.