Posted this issue in another Forum but not sure it's applicable there and this issue is a killer for us; need to try it here.

We're having a strange issue involving our ZCM 11 which involves our ZAA installed at the workstation.

All of our users require access to a Web application (written by Infor-Lawson) which integrates Java. When they originally (first-time) authenticate to a given workstation (via our Novell Client and ZAA), they subsequently authenticate to the web app in question without an issue (our ZAA implements DLU and other Policies/Bundles).

However, any subsequent sessions to the workstation under the same profile/login result in a generic and useless error message when accessing this same web app:

"A Network error has occurred. Please restart the application by restarting or refreshing your browser".

The issue is unique to Windows 7. Does not matter whether 32-bit or 64-bit. Does not matter whether IE 9 or IE 10. The Web app in question only supports Internet Explorer. Also, access to the app fails upon its invoking Java, or very shortly thereafter. The Web app in question only supports Internet Explorer.

It turns out the absence of the ZAA (by uninstalling) alleviates this issue. When ZAA is removed from a given laptop, logged in as a new user (after creating manually); no problem with web app. Rebooting, logging in a second time; no problem. Add the ZAA (with every single Policy/Bundle disabled in ZCC), login for the third time and, of course, the problem appears.

What does this suggest to you? My colleague thought he had this narrowed down to a (Microsoft?) Network List Service but that proved not to be definitive.