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Thread: Kanaka stops listening on 3089?

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    Kanaka stops listening on 3089?


    We have an OES 2 Linux server that every few days Kanaka (v2.70) stops listening on port 3089. At that point clients cannot log in and we cannot access the web config page. So far the only solution we have found is to restart the Kanaka Engine daemon. It frequently takes several attempts of restarting the service ( # rcnovell-kanakaengined restart) before it listens on port 3089 (as verified by netstat and being able to access the web page). I just changed the Kanaka log level to Debug to hopefully get some useful data, but at the default Informational setting it doesn't show anything helpful.

    What can I be looking at to 1) find out why that part of the service dies, and 2) reliably restart the service?

    We have a second (fairly identical) server that never seems to have this problem.

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