This is new server with a fresh SLES11sp2 OES11sp1 install with GW2012 sp2.

All is working well except even a local workstation cannot access webacc using the server public ip. Server is behind a router. Makes no difference if firewalls are on or off. Same issue from a remote workstation on another network, i.e., cannot connect to webacc using the test server's public ip from a browser. Just one nic in the server and one private ip.

FYI, same issue exists for imanager, i.e., no public ip address access even from a local workstation, so I am thinking it may be a SLES network card configuration issue, but that's just because I seem to remember under Netware 6.5 I had to make some inetcfg configurations to relay through the router. Router is an older Linksys WRT610N as this is just a test system for the time being.

I started an SR and they couldn't suggest any fixes other than to tinker with the router. I have both the to default values and open in the router's port forwarding section.

Ideas? Including switching to a newer router (I'm trying to keep it under $300.00) if you have any suggestions. This server will be for no more than 10 workstations local (mixed wireless and wired) and/or remote workstations for very trusted users.

Help Mr. Wizard!!!