We have a Zenworks Configuration Management 11.2.2 environment with Active Directory authentication. The User source was pointing at a particular Domain controller with SSL authentication and working just fine. Today, the Domain Controller went down and I had to change it to another DC. I updated the certificate for the new DC and switched to it with no problems in the Zenworks Console. Now when users are logging into PCs with the agent installed it will generate an error and not authenticate to Zenworks. You are able to hit 'cancel' and login to the computer. If you try to manually login to the agent it will generate the following error:

"zenworks unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect"

In the console, I am able to verify the User Source connection is correct and communicating properly. I have turned SSL on/off, switched the DC server back to the original authenticating server, and rebooted all the servers but I still get this error even on the Zenworks server themselves. I'm not sure what else to check. I found a thread with a similar issue but there resolution was to blow away the server and start from scratch. That is not a viable option for me as this system is fully set up and in production.

Any insight would greatly be appreciated.