I have been evaluating the NSD product for possible deployment in my environment (k-12 school). I currently use GroupLink everythingHelpDesk.

I have the LDAP integration for eDirectory setup and most of the groups are posting into NSD correctly. One group that doesn't seem to be finding any of the members is the Customer group. I have changed the name to try and sync with existing groups and groups I created including Customers. It doesn't error out with a can't find group but shows 0 on all options. Am i doing something wrong with this particular group? I should have unlimited end users that can post in that group and into NSD even with the eval or 2 tech license version given with ZCM, correct?

Also has anyone made a transition from eHelpDesk from GroupLink to NSD? Can you share any advice or pitfalls you might have run into with this product? There are a ton more options available with NSD compared to eHD.