I've got Kanaka working wonderfully with eDirectory on our network, but I'd love to do some customization of the default user template for new accounts. Since we're just starting to implement Kanaka, most users don't have the required OS X folders in their home directories. However, when a user logs in, Kanaka copies the folders to their networked home directories (i.e. Desktop, Documents, Library, etc.).

Two problems with this.
1. Any changes to the default files in the Library folder in our users' networked home directories don't stick. This includes changes to the dock, keychains, remembered servers, etc. It's almost as if Kanaka copies the default preferences files back to the Library folder in the network home directory on every login, overwriting any changes that were made. In particular, some files in the ~/Library/Preferences directory seem to be overwritten regularly.
(It doesn't seem like the whole folder is overwritten, because any additional files or folders in the ~/Library folder will stay. However, the contents of the default Preferences files are consistently overwritten.)
2. I've made changes to the OS X default user template in /System/Library/User Template/ so that new local users will have the "official" settings, including corporate background, preset dock, etc. However, as I stated above, Kanaka seems to pull all these files from somewhere else. I'd love to edit them to make things a bit more consistent for users, but I can't seem to find anything about where they might be located in the Documentation.