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Thread: Reimaging machines \ Agent \ ZISD

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    Reimaging machines \ Agent \ ZISD

    Just running through some scenarios relating to our new ZCM 11 imaging setup and have a query around how the ISD and ZCM Agent work together in the case of an existing machine being reimaged. Currently our imaging process installs the Agent via sysprep Powershell scripting, the process goes something like

    - run zisedit -c in bash script
    - download images via bash script
    - run sysprep main process
    - install drivers with DPInst add-on bundle
    - Powershell script to detect machine's location via IP address, set its role and name accordingly
    - install Novell Client
    - install ZCM Agent

    In the case of a fresh machine this works fine as the Agent will use the name set in the previous step. In the reimaging scenario I'm not sure how the Agent works in terms of restoring the name...

    - does this happen automatically, if so when?
    - does this only happen if the Agent is installed on the base rather than installed via script?

    At the moment I'm leaning towards deleting the ZCM object and using the existing process i.e. each reimage is seen as a new machine as it seems to be a bit more predictable in terms of process and also doesn't need the scripts altered for the reimaging scenario.

    - Keeping the ISD means the machine wouldn't have to be reassigned for bundles etc but then again all those are done with Dynamic Groups so again maybe not gaining much there.
    - Previous error messages \ software install stats would get wiped if we delete the old object but again that's probably a good thing so we don't get confused about software that isn't on the reimaged machine.

    Any thoughts \ practices that are working well "in the wild" - particularly if you don't install the Agent on the image (prefer this way as it's easier to maintain in the long run)
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