I see in patch management that MS13-036 was re-released after Microsoft
pulled the original MS13-036. Should patch management have disabled the
original versions of the patch? I can do it myself but I would think if
Microsoft pulled a critical update because of BSOD issues it should not
being presented to anyone in patch management.

New Patch
MS13-036 2829996 2840149 Security Update for Windows 7 and Windows Server
2008 R2 (All Languages) (re-released 4/23/13) Critical 18 45 Apr-23-2013

Pulled patches
MS13-036 Security Update for Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 (KB2808735)
Critical 1 1 Apr-09-2013
MS13-036 Security Update for Windows 7 x64 (KB2808735)

Server - ZCM 11.2.3a and Internal Database on Win2008R2x64
Clients - ZCM 11.2.3a on Win7SP1x64 and WinXPx32