Recently migrated Groupwise 2012 services from a single box to a split system with PO, Domain, and Monitor on one box and the GWIA, Webaccess & secondary domain on the second box. All seems well, except *some* users (not all, only a handful) are receiving the following message when logging into webaccess:

[9505] Your Post Office is Unavailable. The Post Office Agent might not be configured for SOAP. Please contact your system administrator.

Checking the webaccess logs reveals the following error:

8:11:43, <SOAP>, -, INFO, [username], Login
8:11:43, <SOAP>, -, INFO, [username], Unable to connect to the POA @ is the IP of the previous POA - the new POA is

SOAP appears to be configured properly and other users are not having any problems. Why just these users?