I have some problems with guest access. I just don't get the concept.

1. I only can create a public share if i enable guest access
2. If i access guest access everyone can access the filr site and view all
files which are public.
3. A public item has an unique url which allows direct access/download of
the file.

So far so good.

What i am missing is being able to disable web access (2.) put still allow
direct url download (3.)

If a create a public share and disable guest access later, the direct url is
still valid, but i cannot access the filr site and no new public shares can
be created.
Am i blind or is there no way to create public, valid url download links
without allowing general access to the webpage?

The current concept is IMO not very consistent

I want external users to download files WITHOUT registration only with the
knowledge of a special url. This is easy, fast and good enough from a
security standpoint.

The requirement of a registration for a one-time download is far too