I am trying to understand Filr and how it could help us but am confused about a few things, although understand that filr is similar to dropbox.

Is this supposed to be like the next Netstorage as in direct access or is it strictly file sync kind of like iFolder? I was hoping for more of a Netstorage approach with file sync as well, kind of like Netstorage and ifolder in one.

My other question is about the different sync settings, JIT or scheduled. From what I understand JIT will basically update every time the file is accessed and the scheduled....well like it says, updates on a schedule. I am confused about what is synced because I read it only syncs the metadata. So if I have a sync schedule set for 12am every day (JIT turned off), a file on an OES box that is changed at 8am by another co-worker and I access it at 9am all thru Filr, will I see the changes? I assume so but just will not see the date changed, right?

If so what is the real advantage to JIT, because when I have it on it takes forever to browse thru the directory structure having to update at every folder?
The example was given that scheduled should be used for read-only medical records that would not be changing.

Not complaining about this great product, I just want to make sure I understand it properly.