We have installed Kanaka Version 2.7 client on a new Mac notebook running OS X 10.8.3. When we click on the network server from the chooser we are prompted by the Kanaka client to login. We are using eight of our live user accounts to test the process; these users are all configured the same, or at least I can find no difference between them in iManager or Console1. They are all located in the same OU, and we have UP enabled on the organizational unit. Of the eight, three can login and five can not. The Kanaka client seems to do a little “wiggle” on the five users who can not log in.

On the users who appear not to be able to log in, because no folders are displayed on the MAC and the login screen remains active, their "last log in" time in iManage changes to the time of their attempt to log in using the Kanaka client.

The server we are logging into is a SLES 10.4 box running OES2 sp3. AFP is active and running.

Any suggestions on finding a solution to the problem would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks, Allen