Since upgrading to Zen 11.2.3a, when we reimage a workstation they are not registering. The agent is not in our image, gets pushed down after sysprep on 1st reboot.

Have tried downloading the agent from multiple Zen servers and tried all 3 flavors (network, complete and complete with dot net).

If you image a brand new system out of the box it's fine, so it appears to be some sort of GUID conflict. A PC that would not register, when re-imaged and installed the old 11.2.0 agent registers fine.

The actual error message when trying to manually register the PC is:

Unable to register with the server at https://<SERVERNAME>. Unexpected server result. Server code: -34. Server message Invalid Device Authentication Information.

The log files don't really show anything out of the ordinary - no error messages at all.

Any body have any insight?

Thank you in advance,

Nick LaTronica
East Brunswick Public Schools
East Brunswick, New Jersey