We have been fighting an issue that zac reg -g nor guidfixxer (downloaded from cool solutions) have been able to resolve.

We have PCs (primarily laptops) that continue to take over the identity of another machine in zenworks.

Some are legitimate - new machines that are renamed - but most are not.

I resorted to putting a trigger on the table in SQL to start tracking these changes.

I worked with a laptop when on the very first install of zenworks it took over the record of another computer already in zenworks.

Trying every combination of zac commands that I could come up with and all combinations of guidfixxer I could every time it took over yet another existing record - a total of 5 different records it hijacked!

Then leaving it alone another laptop refreshed and took over the identity of this laptop. Finally in-installed zenworks from this laptop.

It appears that usually this issue is around laptops and the ones we have usually not been able to correct are machines that connect to our network through our VPN,

I'm thinking this may have something to do with our reconcile settings. We turned off Serial Number per the suggestion of the author of guidfixxer - I'm wondering if we need to turn off Mac Address as well thinking the issue may be with that and the VPN connections somehow resolving to a Mac address on the VPN server and not that of the actual computer - but not sure if that will cause more issues.

Dave Schlieder