i successfully installed Filr 1.0 and connected the system to our Active
Directory. I established a connection to the homedirectories and to
other network shares. But i cannot access all the files in my home
directory or network share. I successfully configured a proxy user
(which is -at the moment- a domain admin). But this admin does not have
access to all files. On some shares or folders the inheritance is
stopped,so the proxy user does not have access to these files. This was
intended because not all domain admins should have access to all the
files. Only the configured users have access to these folders.
The log from Novell FAMT says e.g. :
May 7 16:30:14 filr01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:CIFSOperations::ListAll:
SMBC_Getxattr: failed: 2
May 7 16:30:14 filr01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:FAMTOperations::ProceeRequest
failed unc: //home.ad.mydomain.local/home/myusername/Daten/Eigene
Dateien identity: myproxyuser session: hiKKZaROdfjN4KWVEkrcPQ==
May 7 16:30:14 filr01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:thread_handler: request processing
May 7 16:30:14 filr01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:sendStatus: sending status ret: -1

As i understand the log Filr tries to to access the files with the proxy
user an d not with my credentials. I read in the documentation about the
proxy user in Chapter "Purpose of the Net Folder Server Proxy User"
"Users with native rights to files do not use the Net Folder Server
proxy user." So as i understand the proxy user is only used when the
user needs to share files. But the log says that the proxy user is used.
How can i access all the files in the shares without giving the proxy
user full rights?

Kind regards,