Hello, all.

I recently was tasked with the removal of Novell ZENWorks from an environment that we are taking over from another provider. The previous provider used Novell ZENworks for management purposes. I have attempted to remove the agents on various machines, unfortunately, on some, the uninstall fails and once it does fail, uninstall no longer proceeds.

Ideally, I would like to use a removal tool to simply strip it from the network. The previous provider is not being particularly forthcoming with assistance in the matter and refuses to remove it or provide the removal tool.

I have registered for an account on Novell's website but see that the ZCW agent removal tool is "restricted" and is something that my account is not "entitled" to.

I am wondering if there is a way for me to get access to the tool, whether through contacting Novell directly, or any other means you all may suggest. Perhaps I do not even need the tool and there is an alternative I can seek for its removal?

I have trudged Google, these forums, and others items for answers but am having little luck. Any further assistance you all could provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.