We are currently running an evaluation of the Novell Filr (Filr-0.0.459) and are currently observing the following:

The drag and drop option is a very good one especially that we can drag and drop folders into it. What was noticed was that for users the drag and drop folder works fine on Internet Explorer but, does not work on Firefox.

Not sure if this matters but, the folders we had contain certained subfiles and subfolders in both Arabic and English and this works perfectly on Internet Explorer with directory levels <=4 approx. For large folder levels, we see that the upload seems to hang at a point so, not sure if there is an option we would need to enable somewhere for large levels. The Filr on Internet Explorer does not have the progress bar like that on the Firefox... so we have no idea as to how much, if any, of the large copy op was done. As a side note, on Internet explorer we had noticed that folders which were empy were just not created on the drag and drop.

We are Novell customers but, are not sure where we should send technical feedback across for the Novell Filr. We are not taking part in the beta program however, would like to provide feedback as we move through product eval.