I have NFR 2.0 running on a windows 2008 R2 server with 2CPU and 12GB ram.
On this I've been trying to run some reports, though it seems as if larger reports fail. The report will generate, I can see it has been generated and created a file under "C\inetpub\srs_root\App_Data\Reports". The problem comes when I attempt to view it, when trying to view it I get a new window that opens, then just hangs for a few min, and eventually ends with:


An unexpected error was encountered.

Please retry the operation, and if the error persists, contact the system administrator.

Error Message:
Request timed out.

the report I'm trying to pull appears to be about 73MB, there is a 77k one that opens with no issue. Is there a size limitation with nfr 2?