We currently have a little org. added under our purview which has its own MS AD with its MS storage setup. Our existing users are on eDir so the source had already been added and sync'd with the OES on Novell Filr and alls good

but, now for the New Org...
For the new org. we had added a new LDAP source. On running the sync now option, the 1st source which was eDir on the list started to sync. Not sure why the sync operation started with the 1st source although I explicitly clicked on apply for the 2nd source configuration

Note: The Test connection option would be a great advantage here for the credentials so, not sure why its not there as one would like to test the connection and then run the sync at non-peak hours. (If i remember correct, the Novell Access Manager has a basic test LDAP credential option which was created to address such an issue)

Problem 1: How should one proceed to add the new source to Filr with the New users configured to the MS storage? that is, so that both eDir and MS users could login concurrently and access respective storage areas.

Problem 2: We have a handful of users in higher management which belong to both the trees so... Is there any way to link the Netfolder location to a particular LDAP and to challenge users for authenication based on storage location accessed or to link/map users somehow... How should one go about this one?

Additionally, as part of troubleshooting I dont see much in how do I configure log levels and log locations to one consolidated location on the UI. Any docs on this?